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Both Hands and a Flashlight is primarily a parenting blog for those with children on the autism spectrum. We share the ups and downs of our experiences, the challenges we face, and the insights we discover. We try to be honest about what we're facing on any given day, but we strive to keep a positive attitude in everything we do.

We also address topics of advocacy, disability rights, access to care and support, political involvement, and just about anything else that relates to helping both children and adults have what they need to live out their full potential.

We don't believe our children - or any children - are broken, stolen, damaged, or any other derogatory term used to describe autistic children and adults. We support efforts to find practical and creative solutions to address the challenges autistic persons face while valuing the diversity of gifts each person uniquely possesses.

We know the path we are on is the most challenging of our lives, but we believe in something greater than those challenges. We believe in our children and the light they shine out into the world. And it's our mission to help them to shine ever brighter and teach others to see how amazing they are.

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