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Video: Guy Proposes, Holds 200-Guest Surprise Wedding Same Day

Shawn Lippert shocked his long-term girlfriend Colleen when he got down on one knee to propose on Saturday. Not only did Shawn have the ring on hand, but he also had the entire wedding, complete with dress and guests, ready to go at a moment's notice (video below).

The Ontario, Canada couple had been living together for seven years. He's a university volleyball coach and she owns two beauty spas. Colleen thought they had planned to elope to Las Vegas next month, so she had already picked out a dress.

Shawn spent the last year finding out details from Colleen about her dream wedding, from decoration to the wedding song. He then secretly planned the wedding for her without her knowing anything about it.

"I asked her, you know, what kind of cake would you like at your wedding? She said, 'I want a cherry chip cake.' Centerpieces? 'I want this,'" said Shawn. He managed to get everything in place in secret, even the 207 guests. He called it "Operation White Cake."

Colleen went to the hairdresser that morning thinking she was getting her hair done for a retirement party, but when she drove to meet Shawn at the Beach Bar and Grill, he was waiting with a ring and a red carpet. After he proposed, she said “yes,” and he told her that they were getting married that day.

Colleen was taken to a private room in the restaurant where Shawn and a buddy had set up her entire bedroom set and the wedding dress that she had picked out for their elopement.

Shawn said, “I just knew in my gut this is exactly what she wanted. I've been with her forever and I just knew.”  After the wedding Colleen said: “I complain all the time about him not being romantic and apparently he is. Nothing else will ever compare to this. It was just perfect.”


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