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Teen Falls Out of Party Bus on Freeway, Friends Don't Call for Help Fearing Charge of Underage Drinking

One 19-year-old girl suffered a horrific fall out of a party bus window and landed in the middle of a busy highway. According to the Daily Mail, her friends were hesitant to call for help because they didn't want to get charged with underage drinking. 

Katie Brown was on the "Flirting Flamingo" bus on Monday night with 35 friends. She accidentally opened the emergency exit window and took a tumble onto the Northbound 35W in Minneapolis. 

Drivers who saw her called 911 right away, as they feared she would be hit by a car. Once the ambulance came she was immediately taken to a hospital where they treated her for minor injuries. 

The drivers showed more concern than her friends, as none of her fellow party bus riders called for help. It took 20 minutes for them to muster up the courage to tell the bus driver about the incident, who quickly stopped the bus and called for help. 

Some of her friends felt bad and returned to help Brown, but most of them ran away to avoid getting tickets for underage drinking. 

The bus driver told the 911 operator that all but 11 fled the bus before authorities showed up. 

A contract for renting the bus states that 'no drugs, underage drinking, or firearms are allowed.' The company also said they checked all of the teens for alcohol before they boarded. 

Despite the bus rules, the teens tweeted about getting drunk. One tweet posted before the teens entered the bus read: "Excited about tonight #letsgetwasted." 

After Brown was treated for her injuries, tweets began pouring in criticizing how her friends acted during the incident. One tweet said, "more than half of you were worried about getting a minor instead of helping Katie. F*** you all who ran, honestly. #prayforkatie."

Brown had more philosophical things to say, writing, "Love yourself and love your life. Both can be taken away in a second. Both lucky and happy to be here." She also added, "And who the hell falls out of a moving vehicle's window?! Oh Katie Brown does."

Captain Eric Gieseke of the Burnsville Police Department was shocked she wasn't seriously injured. "It's great news she wasn't killed," Gieseke said. "You hope people would apply common sense. You hope they'd be looking out for the victim and not themselves." 


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