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Survive a Shooting and Look Good: Bulletproof Fashions

So here's your dilemma -- you want to go out for the evening in a sharp-looking outfit, but people tend to shoot bullets at you. A bulletproof vest would ruin your look, but you prefer to stay alive during your outing. What do you do? Well, bulletproof fashion could be for you.

The New York Daily News reports on a story in The New Yorker (because the folks at the snooty magazine won't let you read their stuff online without paying for it) that said one designer has come out with a line of fashion that contains bullet-repelling Kevlar.

It's actually not new -- Miguel Caballero has been making and selling the bulletproof clothing in his native Colombia for nearly 20 years, where it seemed that everyone needed protection from hitmen from the Medellin drug cartel.

Two years ago he realized that people were also getting shot in the United States, so he opened up a shop in Miami. Business has been very good. In fact, 98% of the items he makes in Colombia are for export.

Celebrities are getting in on the act -- the article reportedly said that Caballero made a bulletproof white dinner jacket for Sean "Diddy, P. Diddy, Puffy, Puff Daddy" Combs, as well as a lovely bulletproof kimono for Steven Seagal.

While most of the fashions are for men, Caballero makes a women's line as well. After all, they get shot, too.

The Daily News writes:

You can order your chic shields "mild" - they'll stop a bullet going at 1,120 feet per second, like a 9-mm.; a "medium," which they say will stop a .357 magnum bullet; and a "high," which Caballero claims will stop the fusillade from an Uzi.

Best of all, if you get shot in the first six months, which is becoming increasingly likely these days, Caballero will let you trade your purchase in for a new one!

Since different countries have different laws regarding the possession of bulletproof vests and other body armor (in the U.S., for example, convicted violent felons cannot have them), Caballero does background checks on prospective customers.


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