Young Boy Drops F-Bomb During San Francisco Giants Parade (Video)


There have been numerous incident of adults, often drunk, cursing during live TV interviews.

One of the more popular and distasteful slogans has been: "F--- her right in the p-----."

A KTVU reporter was interviewing some girls today during the San Francisco Giants parade to celebrate the team's World Series win, noted (video below).

The reporter asked the girls which players they were hoping to see in the parade when a young boy pushed his way to the microphone and yelled, "F--- her right in the p-----."

The girls laughed hysterically, but the reporter said, "Obviously some Giants fans aren't behaving themselves, we apologize for that."

KTVU notes that up to one million fans are expected to show up for the parade that is scheduled to cross the Golden Gate Bridge and end at Civic Center Plaza where a ceremony will take place.

Fans started grabbing spaces along the parade route this morning at 6:30 a.m.


Sources:, KTVU


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