San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys Tailgate Party Turns Violent (Video)


Bottles went flying outside Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, Calif. where the Dallas Cowboys took on the Chargers on Sunday.

In a tailgate party gone terribly wrong, an unidentified man wearing a Cowboys' #88 jersey, exchanged words with a woman wearing a Cowboys' shirt (video below).

As he walks away, another man tries to grab him, but he keeps on walking to the back of a vehicle, when the woman appears again and slaps him in the face.

There's some shoving with a guy in a Chargers' #24 jersey, when the man in the Cowboys' jersey suddenly gets blind-sided with a beer bottle by a man in a white shirt.

Moments later, the man wearing the Chargers' jersey also gets smacked with a beer bottle by another fellow wearing a Cowboys shirt.

Then a very annoying football fan holds his bleeding arm up in front of the camera multiple times to show how he was hit by a piece of flying glass.

Source:, NBC 7


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