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NFL Preseason Week 1 Analysis: Eagles v. Ravens

NFL football is finally back!  Many NFL fans say that they don’t get excited for the preseason, but for me it’s almost as exciting as the regular season. Teams are getting built, dreams are being made, and there are many players giving every last effort in hopes of making a roster. 

If you’re one of the many that just can’t get into it, I certainly understand, so for you I’m providing cliff notes for every preseason game played. I’ve locked myself away in the dungeon, far from sunlight watching each matchup and giving you quick updates on each team.

Philadelphia Eagles (13) vs. Baltimore Ravens (6)

This game showed why I said that out of all of the moves, the acquisition of Jim Washburn was the best one. It didn’t matter who you put on the Eagles defensive line, they were getting pressure and driving the offense nuts. Philly should shatter the record for team sacks this year. It should be an insane thing to watch.

Tyrod Taylor was playing with limited talent and facing immense pressure. He showed a lot of potential and I would be interested in seeing what he could do with the number ones on offense.  I don’t mean that he should be replacing Joe Flacco, I just think they should see what they have in Taylor.

I’ve been harking on the fact that Bernard Pollard is a special type of player that needs to be on a team that allows him to rush the passer and not make him a liability in pass coverage. That’s why Baltimore was a perfect match. The way they used Pollard almost caused Vince Young to lose his upper torso on a sack. Pollard’s pressure also led to Young having to step up and being intercepted. Look for the Ravens to use him a lot in the box this year and allow him to pin his ears back and rush the quarterback.

The route where Tyrod Taylor throws an interception that was intended for Torrey Smith, points out just one of the reasons why I said that Baltimore fans should be more excited about Tandon Doss, then Smith. People fall in love with Smith’s speed but overlook his flaws. Doss is a complete weapon and will be the only relevant receiver between the two in the grand scheme of things. He made several catches in the game and looks the part as expected. Smith doesn’t finish routes and that led to the Taylor pick.

Dion Lewis will have Philly fans excited. He’s a dynamic little back that cuts on the dime a la Barry Sanders (No, I don’t think he’s Barry). I already knew how shifty he was but what surprised me was how willing he was in blitz pickup and how well he did. This will get him on the field quicker because it’s mandatory that the back will have to ensure Mike Vick‘s safety.

Vince Young wasn’t expected to play in this game.  Andy Reid stated that he hadn’t had enough time in the offense to be comfortable with it. Vince Young asked Reid to let him take a couple of reps and Reid obliged. Vick and Reid both were pleasantly surprised by how quick Young picked it up and executed it in the game. His play of the game came on a 3rd and 14 where he avoided 3 Ravens and threw back across his body to convert the first down.

We all know about all of the big name signings in Philly. Even with knowing that, it was amazing to see them all on the same field wearing the same jersey. It gave the feel of the NFC Pro Bowl team vs. the Baltimore Ravens.

My surprise of the game was Riley Cooper.  I was surprised when Chris Carr became a name coveted in the free agency market for cornerbacks. If you were wondering why, go look at Cooper’s double move that made Carr almost break his ankles. Carr isn’t a great cover corner. Cooper also elevates quick and attacks the ball high. He’s a more viable weapon then most of the country knows.

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