This 300-Pound Rugby Player Is Freakishly Fast (Video)

They call him “The Tongan Thor” and one look at his highlight reel will show you why.

18-year-old rugby player Taniela Tupou is a freak of nature. The young man is a 297-pound boulder yet somehow runs like someone half his size. In a recent match, Tuopo scored three tries – aka goals – in a game. Two of them were runs of over 50 meters in which he outpaced players on the other team who weigh much, much less than him.

Here is the highlight video from his hat-trick game. The most impressive highlights start about 1:20 in, but you should really just watch the whole thing:

Pretty impressive, right? And remember, this kid is only 18-years-old. Just think of what a good 3-4 years in the gym could do for his body. I’m keeping my eye on Tuopo if I’m an NFL scout, and I'm only half kidding. Imagine someone that enormous and fast flying down the field on kickoff coverage looking to lay someone out.


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