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Texas Man Pulls Replica Gun On Police, Officers Fatally Shoot Him (Video)

James Bushey, a suspect in an attempted theft at a Wal-Mart, pulled a replica gun on two police officers in Palestine, Texas, on May 31.

Palestine Police Sgt. Gabriel Green's body cam recorded the incident (video below).

In the video, Green confronts Bushey in the men's room of a restaurant and has him walk through the restaurant and outside; they are accompanied by Officer Kaylynn Griffin.

Griffin asks Bushey if he has identification, Bushey reaches into into his pants pocket and pulls out what appears to be a gun.

There is a brief struggle between Bushey and the police, Bushey runs away, points the gun-like object at the cops, which is when Green and Griffin fire multiple shots hitting Bushey on the grass outside the eatery, notes the Palestine Herald-Press.

Griffin and Green reportedly called for medical help, but Bushey died from the gunshots.

Bushey allegedly try to steal some beer from the Wal-Mart, but was seen by an employee.

Some Wal-Mart employees followed Bushey to the restaurant and called the police.

Bushey's gun turned out to be an air gun made to look like a real handgun.

Palestine Police Capt. James Muniz said:

This was an unfortunate incident not only for the family but also for us in the police department. People may ask the question, "Why did the officers have to shoot so many times?" Well their adrenaline kept them shooting until they were safe. Really no officer knows how many shots they are taking until the situation is cleared.

The officers were not charged with any crimes, and did return to full-time duty, KLTV reports.

Bushey's family members claimed that he struggled with alcohol problems in the past.


Sources: Palestine Herald-Press, KLTV
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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