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Texas Cop Shoves Black Man On His Property, Claims It As His Own (Video)

Police Officer Dylan Mulhollan and another cop pulled over an unidentified man who was riding a bike without a reflector on February 2 in Orange, Texas.

The traffic stop happened on Ronald Warnell's property.

Warnell walked outside to see what was going on, and had a confrontation with Mulhollan, which was recorded on the officer's body cam (video below), notes WFAA.

In the video, Warnell says, "Hold on, man. you are on my property now" to Mulhollan, who replies, "No, no. It's my property right now."

Warnell counters, "It's not your property. You need to get your laws straight, brother."

Mulhollan tells Warnell how he pulled the biker over and instructs Warnell to back up, but Warnell says, "Make me."

Mulhollan tells Warnell to put his hands behind his back, but Warnell refuses.

Mulhollan then shoves Warnell to the ground, and yells at him to put his arms behind his back.

Warnell claims Mulhollan assaulted him and has filed a lawsuit, reports 12News.

It would appear that Warnell's case is backed up by an internal memo written by Orange Police Capt. C.A. Stephenson:

Officer Mulhollan's actions bring to question how he responds in incidents where his actions are questioned as well as his ability to control his aggression when his authority is questioned.  Even after being shoved to the ground and being struck in the face, Warnell was never abusive or threatening, but was still wanting to know why he was treated the way he was when he was only trying to find out what was happening on his property.

If such actions which were displayed in this incident by Officer Mulhollan were to play out in a crowd of people, his actions could prove very problematic and dangerous to himself or any other officers who might be with him.  At this point it is unknown why Officer Mulhollan chose to escalate the encounter with Warnell when he wasn't the subject who he was investigating nor why he chose use of physical force against Warnell instead of other alternatives which were readily available to him should he perceive Warnell as threatening.

Sources: WFAA, 12News
Image Credit: WFAA Screenshot


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