Teen Girl Attacks Girl Holding Baby, Bystanders Don't Help (Video)

A video recently surfaced showing a teen girl attacking another girl who is holding a baby.

The video (below) was originally uploaded on Facebook by Mediatakeout and has gone viral with more than 9 million views, but it is unknown when and where the assault took place.

Mediatakeout writes on Facebook, "MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Teens BRUTALLY Beat Mother . . . And Make Her DROP HER BABY On His Head!! (The Baby Now REPORTEDLY Has A Mild Concussion)."

On the video, the bullying girl tells the victim, who is holding the toddler, to get up off a bench, but the young lady stays put, notes The Daily Caller.

Moments later, the bully pulls the victim off the bench and the baby goes flying onto the ground while bystanders simply look on.

Another girl appears to join the attacker in the beating later in the video.

Sources: The Daily Caller, Mediatakeout/Facebook
Image Credit: Facebook Screenshot


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