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Target Sells 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Toys Next To Children's Toothbrushes (Photo)

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Target has come under fire from parents who argue that their new "Fifty Shades of Grey" merchandise shouldn’t be sold next to children’s toothbrushes.

A picture of the items side-by-side was originally tweeted by an upset shopper in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“Think you might want to move the vibrating cock rings a bit further from the children’s tooth brushes?” one user tweeted.

The items on display appear to be officially licensed blindfold sets, “vibrating rings” and lotions. Although it might make sense to stock the Fifty Shades merchandise in the “health and personal care” section as the Consumerist pointed out, it seems a little less funny that the merchandise shares an aisle with Captain America and Angry Bird-themed toothbrushes.

It’s unclear why Target chose to sell the items side-by-side instead of, say, near the actual books. For now, Target has remained relatively silent regarding the unusual placement of their merchandise.

This isn’t the first time Target has suffered from negative attention for their questionable marketing tactics. Recently, critics noted that the store sold merchandise for the new film "Annie," but used only white models despite the movie’s star being black. Some went as far as to call the chain racist.

This year, Target announced that it would close its stores in Canada and focus on the quality of its U.S. stores. Although its stock has been trading at near-record highs since the decision, Target’s prospects could change if it continues to ignore customer demands.

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Sources: Consumerist, Inquisitir / Photo Credit: Consumerist


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