Swarm of Bees Causes Delays at North Carolina Airport

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A swarm of bees in North Carolina left a US Airways flight stranded on the tarmac for three hours while officials and even a bee keeper were called in to deal with the problem.

The bees at Charlotte Douglas International Airport sent crews off the tarmac, leaving planes unable to taxi from gates. The US Airways Express Flight 2690 to Indianapolis was scheduled to leave at 1:15 p.m. The plane of 79 passengers was ready to go when an airport worker noticed a swarm of bees approached the tug — the cart that pushes and pulls the plane into gate.

US Airways spokeswomen Michelle Mohr said the bees were only brought under control when they called in a professional beekeeper.

The airline said no one was ever in danger. According to WCNC, the fire department reported only one sting during the bizarre incident.

"Just as we were getting ready to pull off the gate, the pilot comes on and says we can’t pull off because bees have swarmed at the front of the plane,” said Charlotte Observer reporter Jim Utter. “I have yet to see a single bee. I don’t know if anyone else has. It’s just really strange. We’re not allowed to get off the plane. I mean, go buy a can of Raid or something. This is ridiculous. It’s hot on this plane, they won’t let us off, this is ridiculous.”

The flight did not push off until 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

Sources: Inquistr, WCNC


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