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Soldier Jackie Gatti Is Robbed Of Military Awards An Hour After Returning From Tour In Afghanistan

A soldier was left devastated after returning home from Afghanistan this week.

Jackie Gatti, of South Weymouth, Mass., arrived at the Westover Air Base on Tuesday and was greeted by her family.

The family went out to dinner and Gatti left her Army backpack in the back of a pickup truck. The backpack contained awards and paperwork that meant a lot to her.

Upon returning to the truck, she immediately noticed her backpack was missing.

“Kind of a slap in the face after all I’ve just been through this past year for him or her, whoever, just decided to help himself to my belonging,” Gatti, 32, told WFXT.

“I kinda stared at the back of the truck for a minute and I said you ‘have to be kidding me, it’s gone.’ And that’s really all I could get out of my mouth,” she said.

Gatti then dropped to her knees, in tears.

“A lot of military documentation was in there. All my awards from my deployment were in there. I had company coins that my commander and first sergeant had given me as a job well done,” she said.

Her mother Carolyn recalled that the family cried during the two-hour ride home

The family has searched local pawn shops and filed a police report.

Gatti wants whoever stole the backpack to return the military items and keep everything else, no questions asked.

“My daughter just went over there for you, so you can live in the country you live in,” Carolyn said.

Gatti is offering a $1,000 reward for the bag’s return.

Source: WFXT


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