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Single Woman Who Receives $1,700 In Benefits Each Month Demands More

A woman who receives almost $1,700 in benefits each month said that it’s “disgusting” how the government expects people to live on that amount of money.

Debbie Merton, who appeared on "Benefits Britain" on Monday night, didn’t reveal the disability that allows her to cash in each month, but argued that it will likely prevent her from ever getting a job. According to the 46-year-old, she also had difficulty finding a job in her youth because of her lack of skills.

“I tried getting other jobs before I was disabled but couldn’t because I had no qualifications,” Merton said. “It really winds me up – I get so angry.”

Merton added that the British government doesn’t care about its citizens; instead, Merton believes that government officials eat "lobster and caviar” every night and live in “posh” houses.

“It’s just disgusting how they expect you to live on money and support a house and support yourself,” Merton said.

Merton also commented on the Queen and complained that the monarch is selfish for living in Buckingham Palace while some people are struggling on benefits.

Merton is a known socialite throughout the local housing association. Recently, her outgoing nature has landed her in hot water. After one too many noisy nights, an official warning was sent to her followed by a visit from police. Now, Merton has been asked to move out of her apartment.

Sources: Mirror, DailyMail / Photo Credit: DailyMail


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