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Senior Sent Home In Tears Over Dress, Mother Wears It To Her Graduation (Video)

North Carolina senior Violet Burkhart dressed up for her last day at Central Davidson High School in Lexington, only to be sent home with two hours left in the day because teachers said her dress was one half-inch too short.

Burkhart said teachers pulled her aside and measured her in the middle of the hallway. The school's dress code says dresses, shorts, skirts and skorts cannot be shorter than mid-thigh.

She was told her she would have to go home and change, and later called her mother in tears.

“I literally looked back at the clock and I’m thinking, ‘It’s one in the afternoon on her last day of her senior year,” her mother Amy Redwine told WGHP-TV. “My daughter — it’s supposed to be one of her best days and she’s there crying.”

Redwine said she did not see anything wrong with the dress, but if it was against the dress code, it could have been handled better.

“If I thought this dress was inappropriate, I would have never allowed her to wear the dress,” she told WGHP.

In fact, Burkhart had worn the dress to school on other days, without incident.

In order to prove her point, Redwine wore the dress herself to Burkhart’s graduation on Saturday.

“If her dress is too short, then my dress is too short,” Redwine told WGHP. “And I’m going to wear it in front of everybody and be proud just like she should have been able to on her last day.”

Another parent said her daughter was also sent home from Central Davidson High over a skirt - not because of the length but because it "enhanced her figure too much."

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Sources: TheBlaze, WGHP-TV


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