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San Diego Deputy Uses Stun Gun On Boy, May Have Used Choke Hold On Him (Video)

A San Diego County deputy reportedly used a stun gun on a young boy, reportedly 12 or 13 years old, behind a grocery store in Fallbrook, California, on June 13.

A witness filmed the incident on his cellphone (video below). Witnesses are heard yelling and cursing at the deputy, who appears to be holding the boy on the sidewalk and using a stun gun, more than once, at close range.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Office claimed the deputy used his stun gun because the boy bit him, noted The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The deputy is heard yelling at the boy, “Put your f****** hands behind your back!” But the boy says he's not able to.

Sheriff’s office spokeswoman Jan Caldwell claimed the boy’s mother reported him missing for a day and a half. The deputy questioned the mother and went to the grocery store where the boy was known to go skateboarding.

According to Caldwell, the boy refused to go with the deputy, was “verbally assaultive” and “physically combative,” so the deputy used his stun gun “to try to calm the situation.”

Caldwell added that the deputy did not use a “choke hold“ on the young boy, but the video appears to show the deputy behind the boy with his arm around his throat.

The youth was reportedly arrested on suspicion of felony assault on a police officer and taken to a local juvenile hall.

Caldwell said the sheriff’s office was investigating the video and claims the deputy confiscated the video from some witnesses' cellphones.

According to, the boy’s name is Joshua and he is 12, but The San Diego Union-Tribune lists his age at 13.

Witnesses told the deputy punched Joshua in the face before they began filming the incident.

Witnesses also claimed the deputy told the boy to get in his patrol car or he would get “dropped,” but the fearful boy skated away. At that point, the deputy reportedly went after him.

After the incident, the deputy said his arm was injured and wanted to be taken to a hospital by ambulance, witnesses told

Sources: The San Diego Union-Tribune,
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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