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Police Shot, Paralyzed Homeowner Who Reported Break-In (Video)

A Charleston County Sheriff's deputy shot and paralyzed homeowner Bryant Heyward who called 911 to report a break-in that happened at his home in Hollywood, South Carolina, on May 7.

Heyward was carrying a .40-caliber gun that he used to defend himself from two intruders before Deputies Keith Tyner and Richard Powell came to his home in response to Heyward's 911 call (video below), noted The Post and Courier.

After Heyward stepped out of a laundry room in the back of his home, Tyner shouted at him, "Show me your hands!" and shot him twice, all in about two seconds (dash-cam video below).

According to the Heyward family's attorneys, the 26-year-old man was shot in the neck, and is currently paralyzed at a local hospital, noted ABC News 4 (video below).

Heyward reportedly told a police detective during the ambulance ride, "I should have put the gun down but I didn't. He thought I was the crook and shot."

The Heyward family attorneys claim the young man was displaying his good character by not wanting to blame anyone, but wasn't justifying the shooting by Tyner.

Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon said on May 8 that Tyner made a "split-second decision" to fire his weapon because Heyward didn’t drop his gun quickly enough, noted The Post and Courier.

It's not clear if Heyward had time to drop his gun.

Cannon added that South Carolina's State Law Enforcement Division is investigating the shooting while Tyner is on paid leave.

Heyward is not accused of pointing a gun at the deputies.

He is the 17th person to be shot this year by South Carolina law enforcement, which puts the state ahead of Canada for police-related shootings (about a dozen annually), noted The Washington Post.

(Note: Shooting begins near 4:40 mark)

Sources: ABC News 4, The Post and Courier, The Washington Post
Image Credit: ABC News 4


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