Philadelphia Police Punch, Kick, Tase Unarmed Black Man (Video)

A video (below) that was filmed on April 3, but uploaded on YouTube today reportedly shows several Philadelphia police officers tasing, kicking and beating a black man.

Tyree Carroll was riding his bicycle near his home when he was stopped by an officer for going the wrong way, according to Carroll's family members.

Blogger and journalist Jasmyne Cannick reports that several officers wrestled Carroll to the ground as he screamed outside his home,

The video is dark, but at the 45 second mark on the video, one of the officers appears to violently punch and kick Carroll.

Moments later, a police car pulls up, an officer gets out and yells, "I have a f------ Taser, here I come! You’re getting the f---- Taser!”

Another officer shouts, “Tase that motherf-----," RawStory.com reports.

There appears to be more punches and kicks by officers on Carroll.

Another police car pulls up, and a cop yells, "Tase him! Tase him!"

A neighbor, who filmed the incident, estimated there were, in total, 11 police cars and 26 police officers on the scene to arrest Carroll, who was unarmed.

Carroll was reportedly charged for aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, resisting arrest and multiple drug offenses.

However, a court record posted online by Philadelphia County only shows two drug-related charges.

Even though he has been in jail for months, Carroll's arraignment hearing won't happen until July 21.

There has not been a statement from the Philadelphia Police Department.

Sources: Jasmyne Cannick, RawStory.com, Philadelphia County
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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