Pennsylvania Police Rough Up Man, Carrying Infant, Over Train Fare (Video)

Video of police roughly arresting a man, who was holding his infant daughter, in Philadelphia on Thursday has stirred up controversy.

A surveillance video caught a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) officer confronting Ellis Smith, who was holding his infant daughter, for allegedly not paying a $2.25 fare; Smith reportedly refused to leave the train.

NBC Philadelphia notes, "At one point, the officer tried to physically pull [Smith] from his seat, grabbed him by the neck and threw him into the train's wall while holding the girl, video showed."

A second video (below) filmed by a witness shows what happened after other officers were called in and took the man off the subway train.

SEPTA police repeatedly tried to stop the witness from filming the incident outside the train, but it appears Smith is still carrying his daughter when police swam and push him.

SEPTA Police Chief Tom Nestel held a press conference today, noted 6ABC.

"I never want a child's safety being jeopardized. This is the type of incident that causes us to reflect on what we tell our police officers and how we tell them," Nestel said.

Nestel said it is not his department's policy to grab people by the throat.

SEPTA has not released the name of the police officer in question, but there is an internal affairs investigation commencing.

The officer reportedly feared disciplinary action if he let the dad and infant go.

Smith was charged with fare evasion, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Sources: 6ABC, NBC Philadelphia
Image Credit: 6ABC Screenshot


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