Pennsylvania Bar Raising Money For Cop Charged With Homicide


Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, Police Officer Lisa J. Mearkle was charged back in March with criminal homicide for shooting an unarmed man, David Kassick, who was lying facedown in the snow on February 2.

Mearkle reportedly tried to pull over Kassick for some expired stickers on his vehicle, but he drove away. Kassick later got out of his car near his sister's home and tried to flee, but Mearkle used a Taser on Kassick, and then shot him in the back twice, according to police (video below).

Mearkle told police investigators that she used her gun because Kassick, who had just been tasered, would not show his hands and she feared he was armed, reported the Associated Press.

However, a video on the Taser reportedly shows Kassick using his hands to to try to pull out a Taser probe before he was shot by Mearkle.

Lonnie Blough, an owner of a tavern in Hummelstown, is planning to host a fundraising effort for Mearkle.

"As a friend I'm doing it for her. I'm fortunate enough to have a place to hold the people and do a benefit," Blough said, reports

However, Dale Kassick, brother of the man who was shot by Mearkle countered, "I find that to be appalling."

Dale claims his family wanted to hold a fundraiser at Blough's bar for his brother's family, but was not allowed to.

Blough said that the Kassick family "never approached me. They decided to post it on Facebook without approaching me about it." Blough admitted he "preferred not to" allow the event at the time.

Blough's Facebook page has been slammed with negative comments for the fundraiser, but Blough, who recounted the other Facebook incident, said, "I don't do social media. But people are entitled to their opinions."

Blough added, "[Mearkle] lost her job, she's not getting paid. If it would happen to any of my other friends I'd do the same."

Hunt for Justice, a nonprofit organization that helps provide for the legal defense of police, is putting on the event.

One of Hunt for Justice's clients was Darren Wilson, who fatally shot Michael Brown last year in Ferguson, Missouri.

Hunt for Justice was reportedly contacted by the Fraternal Order of Police in Pennsylvania to help raise money for Mearkle's defense.

Sources: Associated Press,
Image Credit: CBS 21 News Screenshot


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