North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest Claims Government Officials Can't Inspect Home Schools Without A Warrant


North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest claims that government officials should not be allowed to investigate parents of home-schooled students. 

The state’s Division of Non-Public Education recently decided to randomly select and visit five home-schools and survey them during the year. This action is being taken in order to assure that home-schooled students are receiving an education that fits the standards required by the government. North Carolina had a similar practice during the several decades ago, when the state had less than 1,000 home-schooled students. Now, “over 100,000 students” are home-schooled, according to the Lt. Governor’s office. 

“This policy is intrusive, unnecessary, and has the potential to infringe on the constitutionally-protected privacy rights of tens of thousands of North Carolina homeschool families,” Forest said in an official release. 

Forest not only expressed his displeasure with the Division of Non-Public Education’s decision, but claimed that parents of home-schooled children should not allow government officials into their homes. 

“Homeschool families should follow the law relating to the keeping of records and their lawful inspection, but should not be compelled to let any government official into their house. It is not necessary and people should reject it,” Forest said. 

According to WRAL, “there were 53,347 home schools during the 2012-13 scool year that educated 87,978 children” throughout the state. Only five of those 53,347 would be inspected as a part of the new government plan. 

Still, Forest insists that governmental officials should not be allowed inside the home schools without a justifiable reason and a warrant. 


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