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New York Deputy Tases Unarmed Man With Hands Up (Video)

Chris Dimmitt recently posted a video on his Facebook page that shows him getting tased by a deputy in Albany County, New York, on Sunday at about 2 a.m.

Dimmitt and two passengers were getting out of a car in Dimmitt's driveway when an Albany County Sheriff’s deputy pulled his Taser on the young men, noted The Free Thought Project (video below).

The deputy ordered Dimmitt and his passengers, who all had their hands up, to get into the car until the deputy's back-up arrives.

The men explain how they are not a threat and that everyone is being filmed.

The deputy tells the men that there are five of them, when they are actually only three.

When the deputy's back-up arrives, the deputy suddenly yells at Dimmitt, who has his hands up, to get on the ground and tasers him.

The Albany County Sheriff’s Office released their dashboard camera video of the same incident, which Sheriff Craig Apple claimed was the full story as opposed to the cell phone video.

Apple told News10:

This is the problem that people are posting all of these videos with 30-second, one minute glimpses of an incident that had a series of sequences leading up to that.

At first glance, it appears that he followed our policies and procedures. You know, I understand that everybody is has, unfortunately, a dislike toward law enforcement right now. But you still cannot be defiant and antagonistic when you’re at a vehicle stop.

However, the dashcam video also shows the deputy tasering Dimmitt while he has his hands up.

Also, the cell phone video is not 30 seconds or a minute, but rather four minutes.

Apple didn't explain why Dimmitt was tased while he had his hands up, and News10 reporter Amy Cutler didn't ask Apple in her report.

Instead, Cutler held up a police report that charged Dimmitt with speeding, DUI and resisting arrest.

Another detail not mentioned by Cutler or Apple is that there is only a second or two between when the deputy orders Dimmitt to the ground and when the deputy uses his Taser.

Dimmitt was standing still and didn't move aggressively towards the deputy.

(Note: Tasing happens at 3:40 mark)

Sources: The Free Thought Project, Facebook, News10
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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