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New Orleans Cop Fired After Hitting Teen Girl Who Was 'Passively Resisting' (Video)

A newly released surveillance video (below) reportedly shows New Orleans Police Officer Terrance Saulny hitting a teen girl with metal shackles in a juvenile detention center on Sept. 23, 2014.

Saulny swung a set of four-point restraints, which are attached to a chain, at the 16-year-old girl, reports

The teen, who is reportedly bipolar, was arrested for allegedly stealing a purse and resisting arrest. When she was brought to the center, she reportedly cried hysterically, cursed and kicked the cell door.

New Orleans police officers say they believed the teen would somehow gather enough strength to physically break the door open, so Saulny entered the cell to restrain her.

The New Orleans Advocate notes that Sgt. Hudson Cutno, Saulny’s supervisor, wrote in his police report that the girl continued to “passively resist.”

While the police report claimed the teen suffered only "minor injuries," the teen's lawyer Michael Hall said she had to have one surgery and may need another.

New Orleans Police Department said Saulny was fired for using excessive force and lying about not using foul language to the girl.

Police Department spokesman Tyler Gamble said that an investigation of the incident “determined there was not enough probable cause that a crime was committed” for Saulny to be charged.

The New Orleans Police Department charged a man in May with aggravated assault after he tried to kiss a woman and waved a box cutter at a security guard, noted Fox 8 Live.

Saulny's attorney, Ted Alpaugh, said last month: “I think if anybody who knows what they’re looking at sees the (video), they wouldn’t think” Saulny used excessive force.

The New Orleans City Attorney’s Office refused to release the video last month by claiming exemptions in Louisiana's public records law, but Simone Levine, the city’s deputy independent police monitor, released the video to maintain transparency between the New Orleans Police Department and the public.

Sources:,The New Orleans Advocate, Fox 8 Live
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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