NAACP: Remove Confederate Flag From Alabama Trooper Vehicles, Uniforms (Video)

The Huntsville, Alabama, chapter of the NAACP wants the Confederate flag removed from Alabama State Trooper vehicles and uniforms (video below).

Reverend Robert L. Shanklin, who is an NAACP spokesperson, told WAFF:

The time is right, and I just think it needs to be. We need to do a clean sweep. The state and local government, anywhere that that's located.

The state troopers claim that the change to their emblem would have to be made at the state level, which the NAACP plans to lobby for.

In Georgia, the NAACP chapter of Atlanta wants symbols of the Confederacy removed from all state-owned buildings and lands, including three Confederate army leaders who are carved in stone in nearby Stone Mountain Park.

The NAACP's Richard Rose told WSBTV: "My tax dollars should not be used to commemorate slavery."

A Stone Mountain Park spokesperson said that Georgia lawmakers are in control of any removals.

Sources: WAFF, WSBTV
Image Credit: WAFF Screenshot


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