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Police: Mob Attacks Homeless Man Over Fake Facebook Warning

A fake warning on Facebook led to a homeless man being assaulted in Modesto, California.

The posting went up last Friday and warned residents about a man (pictured) allegedly breaking into homes and attacking women. The posting included a description of the man and where he was seen, noted CBS Sacramento.

After receiving numerous calls, the Modesto Police Department tweeted a picture of the Facebook post last Friday night with this message: "This post is false. We have had no reports of anyone attacked. Please share. We fear this man may become a victim."

However, a group of men attacked a homeless man on Friday, according to police.

The homeless man had reportedly asked people for money, but several residents claimed the poverty-stricken man scared them.

According to police, the homeless man had been accused of verbal harassment and trying to open people's doors, but likely had mental problems.

The homeless man didn't press charges against those who attacked him. He also refused medical care, noted CBS News.

Sources: CBS Sacramento, Twitter, CBS News
Image Credit: CBS Sacramento Screenshot


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