Michigan Cop Won't Be Charged After Fatally Shooting Unarmed Teen (Video)

Eaton County Sheriff Sgt. Jonathan Frost will not be charged for fatally shooting Deven Guilford, 17, in February near Grand Ledge, Michigan.

The traffic stop was captured on Frost's body cam and Guilford's cell phone, noted the Lansing State Journal (video below).

Frost initially pulled Guilford over for flashing his lights at him, but Guilford believed that Frost's bright lights were on.

Guilford repeatedly refused Frost's requests to show his driver's license, car registration and insurance.

Frost told Guilford that he had been flashed several times during the night because his vehicle and its lights were new. Frost again requested Guilford's driver's license, car registration and insurance.

Frost ordered Guilford out of the car and onto the ground. The teen appeared to comply with Frost's orders while trying to continue to film him with a cell phone.

Frost told Guilford to lay completely flat on the ground. Moments later, a Taser gun is heard, followed by several gun shots.

While not captured on video, Eaton County Prosecutor Doug Lloyd claimed that Guilford wrestled Frost into a ditch where the teen allegedly got on top of Frost and struck him in the face.

There is no body cam video of this incident because Frost's body cam allegedly came off during the scuffle and Guilford's cell phone was on the street.

Lloyd added that Frost claimed he was about to pass out before pulling his firearm and firing seven shots at Frost at close range.

Lloyd also claimed that Frost, who was worried that Guilford might grab his gun, suffered injuries to his head and face.

Hugh Davis, a lawyer for Guilford's family, said they are planning to file a federal civil lawsuit against Frost.

Lloyd would not release any more evidence without a Freedom of Information Act request, which the Lansing State Journal has filed.

Fox 17 reports that the Eaton County Sheriff's Office said in a statement: "As a result of these findings, Sgt. Frost will be restored to full patrol duties. We have not yet seen the investigative reports and upon obtaining them, we will diligently review them as part of an internal procedure."

Sources: Lansing State Journal, Fox 17
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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