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Illinois Police Yell 'Stop Resisting' And Tase Unresisting Man (Video)

Ryan Hutchinson was repeatedly tased by police on a train in Illinois after he allegedly used foul language last Sunday.

In a video (below), filmed by a witness, Hutchinson was told by police to put his hands behind his back, which he appears to be doing.

Hutchinson, says, "I’m not resisting," but a Metra police officer replies, “Stop resisting!” while warming up his Taser.

The Metra officer tases Hutchinson multiple times, and then locks Hutchinson's head in between his legs, notes

The incident allegedly began when a train conductor told Hutchinson and others not to use obscene language on the upper deck of the train. When they reportedly didn't stop, the conductor pulled the train over so that police could get on, noted WGN-TV.

"No one really deserves to have something like that happen without giving a reason," Hutchinson told ABC 7.

"[The conductor] just asked us to be quiet, and we did," Hutchinson added.

The police charged Hutchinson with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Metra said in a statement:

Metra has a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for its riders- and we take that responsibility very seriously. We will remove passengers who are being disorderly and refuse a conductor`s requests to stop. The incident could have been avoided if Mr. Hutchinson had complied with the conductor`s request to stop using obscene language. The police would never have been summoned. And once the police were there, he could have followed their instructions.

However, the reaction of many of the train passengers shows that they thought the police were out of line.

A female witness cried over the actions of the police; a second passenger shouted, "That's unnecessary!" at the cops; a third passenger yelled, "You guys are ridiculous!" at the police; and several passengers asked for badge numbers.

After Hutchinson tried to calm down the crying girl, the police officer threatened him: "You're gonna get it again."

Depending on how Hutchinson's criminal case goes, his lawyer says he may file a federal lawsuit (likely a civil rights suit) against Metra.

Sources:, WGN-TV,ABC 7
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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