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Hotel Cleaner Blown Away By Huge Tip (Video)

The YouTube charity channel Give Back Films is at it again, dropping happiness bombs on unsuspecting people and catching the special moments on film.

Their latest video shows two men from the organization leaving a $500 tip for a hotel room cleaner. The cleaner, whose name is not given, began working at the hotel when she needed a place to stay. As a small hotel cleaner, there’s a good chance the woman is not making a ton of money. But thanks to the kindness of these two strangers her bank account just got a healthy bump.

The woman is seen in shock as she pulls back the sheets on the bed to see find a $500 tip.

“I cannot accept this. You have to take it back,” she says to the film makers after they reveal themselves as her mystery tippers.

The men insist she keep the tip, and she does. Her manager was in on the whole act too, telling her “You deserve it. You do a great job.”

Check it out and smile:

Sources: The Blaze, YouTube


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