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Gay Couple Reportedly Denied Marriage License By Kentucky Clerk (Video)

A gay couple was reportedly denied a marriage license in Morehead, Kentucky, on July 6.

A video (below) of the incident was originally posted on Facebook by David V. Moore, one half of the couple, who wrote: "We were denied a marriage license on Monday, July 6 at the Rowan County Clerk’s office. Kim Davis is at the end of the video, but we turned it off at her request."

Moore and his partner had to wait for some time while other people were served. notes, "When the couple is finally allowed to approach the counter, they present copies of the recent Supreme Court decision as well as Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear’s executive order requiring all county clerks to issue marriage licenses.

"The employees are unmoved by this evidence and continue to deny the couple their marriage license."

The police were apparently called on the same-sex couple and the person filming the incident, but not on the employees for violating the U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

Davis was recently sued by the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky, which is representing two homosexual couples and two heterosexual couples, for allegedly refusing to issue marriage licenses, noted The Associated Press via ABC News.

Davis reportedly refuses to issue the licenses because of her Christian beliefs regarding homosexuality.

Sources:, David V Moore/Facebook, AP via ABC News / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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