Florida Cop Fired After Shooting At Black Motorist (Video)

Police Officer James Clark was fired on Monday for reportedly violating Boca Raton Police Department policies on October 16, 2014, when he chased and shot at a black motorist, Mark Simmons, in the south Florida city.

The incident was captured on Clark's dash cam (video below).

Clark pulled over Simmons who was driving a Honda that came up stolen when Clark called it in.

Clark exited his cruiser with his gun pulled, approached the Honda and tapped the window with his gun, according to Boca Police.

Simmons hit the gas to drive away, and Clark fired a shot into the car that barely missed Simmons' head.

Clark then sped after Simmons, but was not able to find him.

Clark drove up to 109 mph during the failed chase, which included residential areas.

Boca Police Chief Dan Alexander announced today that Clark was terminated  for violating several department rules, including using excessive force without being authorized to do so, knocking on the Honda's window with a gun, making false claims on his report, not waiting for backup officers to arrive before walking up to the Honda and other violations, reports the Sun Sentinel.

Clark claimed that he gave Simmons verbal orders, but the Boca Police Department says he just yelled, "Hands up!" at Simmons.

According to the Sun Sentinel, Clark informed a police dispatcher that he had fired his gun and claimed that the driver committed aggravated assault on him, which does not appear in the video.

Clark reportedly wrote in his police report, "Fearing for my safety, I fired my weapon in an attempt to stop the threat."

Clark later claimed that he saw the driver reach for a black semi-automatic gun, but he didn't mention that in his original police report or warn other officers that Simmons was armed.

The Honda was eventually found abandoned. Simmons was arrested days later for fleeing and eluding, and other charges.

Simmons pleaded guilty to fleeing and eluding, but was not prosecuted for the other charges.

When he was questioned during an internal police investigation, Clark denied being a threat while speeding more than 100 mph through areas where the speed limit was 35 mph.

Clark's rifle in his car was reportedly modified to include a laser, muzzle and other unauthorized changes.

Boca Raton Police union president John Cagno claims the union supports Clark and is going to arbitrate Clark's termination, noted BocaNewsNow.com.

(Note: Shooting happens at about :60 mark)

Sources: Sun Sentinel, BocaNewsNow.com
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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