Dallas Cop Threatens Teen, Not Charged, Keeps Job (Video)

A video (below) has surfaced showing Dallas Police Officer Terigi Rossi threatening a 14-year-old boy in October 2014.

Rossi and another officer arrived at a residence following a mistaken 911 call that was hung up. The teen's stepmother was handcuffed and taken into custody but not arrested.

Rossi is seen on the video physically threatening the teen, notes WFAA, which obtained the video via an open records request.

On the video, filmed by the teen with his cellphone, Rossi says:

"If I were you, son, I'd shut the f*** up, cause I'll break your f****** neck. You understand me?

"...I'm telling you right now, Get the f*** over here! Listen to me! You're just like your mother. You're a piece of f****** s***. You little ****.

There have been numerous people arrested in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for allegedly making threats, noted The Dallas Morning News, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, Fox 4 News and CBS Dallas-Fort Worth

Rossi was not charged with any crime for threatening the teen, which he described to investigators as "verbal judo" and a "verbal technique that I've used to try to calm down people or suspects in my career with no intention of ever meaning the words I say."

The boy claimed Rossi placed his arm around his neck in an effort to choke him —although this is not on the video — but a police supervisor didn't see any injuries to the boy. Rossi insisted he was putting his arm around the teen to console him, although that was moments after threatening him.

Rossi also told the teen he could go to a foster home and be arrested for not giving him information, even though the teen is entitled to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment.

Richard Todd, president of the Dallas Fraternal Order of Police, said:

"He realizes he made a mistake. He said something he shouldn't have said. He does say he wishes he had a body camera so that everything that happened before could have been recorded. Basically, the kid got under his skin and he said something he shouldn't have said."

Rossi was suspended for three days in June, but is back on the job in the same area.

Sources: The Dallas Morning News, WFAA, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, Fox 4 News, CBS Dallas-Fort Worth
Image Credit: Screenshot via WFAA


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