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Confederate-Themed Store Worker Curses At CNN In South Carolina (Video)

An unidentified man, who works at a Confederate-themed store in Summerville, South Carolina, recently cursed at a CNN crew that was trying to film the store's sign on a public roadside.

The man told CNN reporter Ed Lavendera, “Are we on your f------ agenda today? Get the f--- out of Summerville," noted (video below).

You're stirring s--- up," the man also told CNN.

Lavendera told viewers, "The man followed us and tried to get in the way of us shooting other pictures around town.”

Later in Lavendera's report, the man made an obscene gesture with his fingers.

Lavendera also interviewed Randy Burbage, a spokesperson for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, who claimed 57 of his ancestors fought for the Confederacy (and the right to own slaves) in the Civil War against the United States Government.

Burbage lamented the possibility of other Confederate symbols being removed in South Carolina, including street signs.

Amazon, Sears, Walmart and eBay recently announced they are banning the sales of Confederate items.

CNNMoney reports that sales of Confederate-themed items through smaller retailers are spiking.

However, a spokesperson for online retailer CafePress told CNNMoney in an email:

CafePress has decided to amend its content usage policy and will now classify use of the Confederate flag as hateful speech. We will be removing all products featuring the Confederate flag from our marketplace."

Sources:, CNNMoney
Image Credit: CNN screenshot


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