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Colorado Cop Beats Man Bloody, Tells Him: 'Stop Resisting!' (Video)

Police Officer Mark Magness was recorded on two body cams apparently beating a suspect who was in custody in Federal Heights, Colorado, in December 2014.

The newly surfaced video (below) from body cams shows Magness pulling a handcuffed man out of a police car at the police station and slamming him into a wall, reports 7News.

Magness was recorded on his body cam and on a second officer's body cam.

Later in the video, the injured man appears to makes a swatting motion with his hand. In response, Magness reportedly punched the man for about 10 seconds while yelling, "Stop resisting, stop resisting!"

The video shows Magness putting the man in a restraint chair, while the second officer warns him that they are being recorded on the body cams.

While the bloodied man is strapped to the chair, Magness jammed his fingers into the man's eye, ear and temple, according to reports.

Magness yelled at the helpless and bloodied man, "Stop resisting, do you understand me?"

According to court records, Magness pleaded guilty on June 17 to attempted third-degree assault for the attack, and was sentenced to one year of probation, noted 9News.

Magness pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment for another police brutality incident in 2009 involving Dennis Discua who suffered a broken arm or a dislocated shoulder. Reports vary on the exact injury. For that incident, Magness was fined $517, but not fired or given jail time, noted 9News.

The Federal Heights Police Department told 9News Magness had been terminated from the department at the end of 2014. 9News wasn't able to contact Magness, and his lawyer declined to comment.


Sources: 7News, 9News
Image Credit: 7News Screenshot


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