Chinese Student Stabs Himself After Getting 99% On Test


A nine-year-old Chinese student hurt himself recently after getting a score on a test that would send most kids running home with joy. The boy’s father took him to the hospital and discovered his son stabbed himself with sewing needles because he got a 99% on the test.

It took doctors from the 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University over two hours to remove four needles from the boy’s stomach.

After being taken to the hospital, the boy explained why he harmed himself over the near-perfect grade. He told officials he scored a 100% on previous exams and that a 99% was unacceptable to him. He stabbed two needles into his stomach before his school’s winter break and inserted another two before returning to school two weeks later.

The boy’s father discovered bumps on his son’s stomach while his son was bathing. The child started complaining about intense stomach pain a few days later and was taken to the hospital.

Sources: Global Times, New York Daily News


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