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Wife Of Christian Pastor Jailed In Iran Says It 'Makes Sense' He Wasn't Part Of Nuclear Deal

Conservatives have attacked President Obama for not making the release of Pastor Saeed Abedini, an American who has been held in an Iranian jail since 2012, part of the U.S.-Iranian nuclear deal which they (conservatives) have long opposed.

Jay Sekulow, of the Christian-based ACLJ, wrote on, "The Obama administration has signed a deal with Iran -- a deal that failed to secure the freedom of American Pastor Saeed Abedini and other Americans who remain imprisoned in Iran."

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump slammed President Obama on MSNBC for not gaining the release of Abedini and other Americans imprisoned in Iran as part of the nuclear deal.

Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of Abedini, told CNN this week how it "makes sense" why her husband was not part of the deal.

Naghmeh said:

You know, it makes sense, and it's something they have been up front with me and the other families from the beginning, that it would not be part of the deal. They have said that.

Every call I have had with the State Department and the White House has been the, but, again, I have known also that they have been talking to the Iranian government on the sidelines.

So it does make sense that he was not part of the deal, but I was hoping maybe on the sidelines as they were reaching a deal they were also securing the release of Saeed and the other Americans.

But his explanation does make sense. I never wanted my husband to be part of having to give up something, our government and the rest of the world to have to give up something for their release, and I didn't want that to be used as part of the deal.

However, Reuters reported this week that Naghmeh "said their [her husband and two other Americans held captive] release should have been assured before Obama even agreed to the talks that produced a deal on Tuesday aimed at restricting Tehran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief."

Reuters didn't quote Naghmeh's actual words or which news source she was supposedly speaking to.

In January, Naghmeh spoke to the Idaho Statesman about her "amazing meeting" with President Obama about her husband.

"I know have his support and I know he cares," Naghmeh said.

Sources: Reuters, CNN, Idaho Statesman,, MSNBC
Image Credit: CNN Screenshot


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