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Who Is Burning Black Churches? (Video)

There have been fires at several black churches since the tragic shooting at an African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina, on June 17.

According to The Washington Post, six predominantly black churches have been hit in five Southern states, with three of fires being investigated as arson.

During an appearance on "All In With Chris Hayes," tonight (video below), MSNBC reporter Joy Reid said that law enforcement doesn't have any link between the fires yet, but added that the South has a history of the KKK using two symbols: the Confederate flag and burning of black churches.

Reid mentioned that police could quickly go after Klan members and organizations decades ago, but these days the web makes it more difficult to pinpoint "lone wolves" who can organize themselves "almost the way ISIS does."

Sources: MSNBC, The Washington Post
Image Credit: MSNBC Screenshot


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