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Rep. Robert Pittenger: Those Who Believe Different 'Just Don't Know My Savior' (Video)

Republican Rep. Robert Pittenger of North Carolina spoke last week at the revival meeting Celebrate America in Washington, D.C., with other conservative lawmakers, activists and pastors (video below).

During his speech at the DAR Constitutional Hall, Pittenger claimed his "primary mission" as a congressman was to represent Jesus Christ, noted

Pittenger stated:

"You know we've seen some court rulings that have unsettled us, caused us great pain in our heart for our country. I don't hold fault with those who believe different than me, they just don't know my Savior. They don't know the one who loved me and gave Himself life for me."

Pittenger didn't say how he knew that people with differing beliefs were not Christians, but added:

"And that's my mission. That's my primary mission as a member of Congress, yes, to serve my constituents, to serve my region, and my state, and my country, but we're here as emissaries for Christ."

Later in his speech, Pittenger mentioned the "man across the street who lives in that real big White House," and said that "God is working in his heart because we're praying for him, that he would know the love of Christ."

President Barack Obama has said several times in the past that he is a Christian, noted the Los Angeles Times and CNN.

According Moyers & Company, Pittenger is one of many Republicans who deny manmade climate change exists.

Pittenger also proposed cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy in North Carolina in 2004, reported The Charlotte Observer.

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Image Credit: Screenshot YouTube


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