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Pat Robertson: ISIS Beheadings May Be 'Best Thing That Ever Happened To The World' (Video)

Televangelist Pat Robertson claimed today that the gruesome beheadings by the Middle Eastern terrorist group ISIS "may be the best thing that ever happened to the world."

Robertson made his comments on the "700 Club" after a report about some ISIS members leaving the organization and converting to Christianity, noted (video below).

Robertson said:

You wonder, maybe the best thing that ever happened to the world is for these crazies in ISIS to keep on beheading people and doing some of these extreme things.

You know, I was reading, they had beheading in the Ottoman Empire (Turkey, pre-World War II), from what I understand, in 100 years or so, there was only one beheading in all that time, and now we're having them, I mean, ISIS, and it's just shocking.

Listen, you've heard all this business about Islam being a religion of peace. Islam does not mean peace, it means submission.

Robertson then offered an anti-Islam booklet to viewers.

There are over 1.6 billion Muslims, but the exact number of ISIS members is unknown, reported The Daily Beast.

The Washington Post noted that there are an estimated 20,000 foreign fighters who have joined ISIS.

Even if there were 100,000 ISIS fighters, total, that would be miniscule compared to 1.6 billion Muslims, so Robertson's suggestion that ISIS represents Islam fails mathematically.

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Image Credit: CBN Screenshot


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