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Pat Robertson Claims Wiccans Will 'Destroy Your Children' (Video)

A viewer named "Nick" wrote into the "700 Club" with concerns about a Wiccan family that has moved into his neighborhood.

Nick claimed that the Wiccan daughter had been talking to his son about spells, so the worried dad asked Robertson for advice today, noted (video below).

Robertson referred to the Bible, which he claimed forbid intermarrying with "them" because "they'll corrupt you."

Robertson also stated:

These people, you know, they say, "These are  white witches versus black witches." There's no such thing as good witch. I mean, you know, it's all demonic and you don't want your children involved in that stuff. I mean, they have power, don't think it's not real. It is real, but it's real wrong.

Robertson warned the dad to keep his kids away from the Wiccans' house even though they may seem to be "very pleasant people," but added, "They'll destroy your children."

In more religious news, Cathie Adams, former chairwoman of the Texas Republican Party, defended ex-gay conversion therapy based upon the Bible during a recent interview on Al Jazeera America, reports (video below).

Al Jazeera America host David Shuster later asked Adams if she would adhere to the U.S. Supreme Court if it decides in favor of gay marriage.

"Do you think that a man’s body is meant for penetration by another man, or is a man’s body meant to be in union with a woman whose body is built for that behavior?” Adams asked.

Shuster repeated his question, and Adams said, "I am not going to throw away the scriptures, the millennia of history, in order to accept the judicial fiat of a few judges.”

Image Credit: CBN screenshot


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