Pat Robertson and Pastor Jim Garlow Claim Gays Don't Really Want Marriage (Video)


The 700 Club aired a report today on the gay marriage case before the Supreme Court and all the recent rallies for and against gay marriage.

In the report, as noted by, Pastor Jim Garlow claimed: “There isn’t that much interest in marriage, there isn’t that much interest in commitment and monogamy, it isn’t there; it’s attempting to force us to affirm a lifestyle, that’s what’s at stake here.”

700 Club host Pat Robertson agreed and added: “The foundation of our society since the founding of our great Republic is under attack by a few people [who] want to have their way doing of sex affirmed by everyone else.”

“They say it’s homophobia to believe that a marriage between a man and a woman is sanctioned by God,” Robertson continued. “God is not a homophobe, God is almighty, He’s in charge of the world and this is the way he made it. Two men do not have children, two women do not have children."

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