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Pastors Training To Run For Political Office To Make Their Values The Law

Christian activist David Lane (pictured) is recruiting pastors from across America to run for political offices in order to pass laws based on what they claim are Christian beliefs.

Hundreds of pastors are in Orlando, Florida, today to learn how to segue from preaching to politics, notes NPR.

The political training seminars are called "Issachar Trainings," which are named after a Jewish tribe in the Bible.

The classes teach pastors how to set up political finance committees, garner publicity, get their church congregations registered to vote (for them) and target voters.

The workshops are part of Lane's American Renewal Project, which once stated in a newsletter: "Did you realize that America's Founders established Christianity as the official religion of America in the 13 Original state Constitutions?"

Lane is quiet about who funds the American Renewal Project, but recently told NPR his goals:

Somebody's values are going to reign supreme. We want people with our values to represent our values and interests in the public square, and be elected to office, and represent our issues. That's what we're doing.

At a training session in Louisiana, Lane told Pat Robertson's CBN cable channel:

I'm a political operative, as you know, people think I'm a pastor. I saw that the skills of a successful politician are the same skills of a successful pastor. The skill set is about the same. So I got to thinking about it, and I thought, "What if 1,000 pastors were to run in 2016 who felt like the Lord wanted them to run for school board, city councilman, county commissioner, mayor, Congress?"

Lane then claimed that the Lord gave him the idea.

There is no command in the Bible for Christians to run for political office, but Lane seems to have written his own gospel regarding God and America.

He opened a training session in South Carolina with this prayer:

Lord, here we are, a nation founded for the advancement of the Christian faith in the glory of God.

...Fifty-five million babies dead, red ink as far as the eye can see, homosexuals praying at the inauguration.

Sources: NPR, CBN, American Renewal Project
Image Credit: CBN Screenshot


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