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Man Delivered From Homosexual Demon In Church (Video)

A man identified as "Mr. Tedus" allegedly became possessed by a homosexual demon after going swimming with other men in Nairobi, Kenya.

"Wise Man Christopher" supposedly delivered Tedus from the homosexual demon back in January 2014 at The Synagogue Church of All Nation in Lagos, Nigeria, noted The Christian Post.

A video (below) of the incident was uploaded in May 2015 by Emmanuel TV, the church's YouTube channel.

The demon that reportedly possessed Tidus told Christopher that he made the young man gay.

Christopher told the demon to leave Tedus several times, but the demon refused.

Tedus finally fell down, was allegedly exercised of the demon, but could not remember what the demon told Christopher.

The Emmanuel TV YouTube channel, states:

15 months after his deliverance, the story of Tedus has radically changed! All homosexual activities - both physically and spiritually - have come to a complete end as the affection for men disappeared as quickly as it came. Whereas before his relationship with God was practically non-existent, Tedus explained he now has a zeal to pray and read the Bible, choosing to no longer engage in the carefree, partying lifestyle that led him to trouble in the first place. To cap off the remarkable transformation, Tedus did not come to The SCOAN alone! Accompanied by a young lady he introduced as Jessy, the beaming young man told the congregation that this was the lady he planned to marry, adding that he had come to seek God's opinion before going ahead with nuptials. His advice was simple. "If you are living such a life, you must understand that it's not normal. There is a spirit behind such acts. Deliverance is the answer!"

Sources: The Christian Post, Emmanuel TV
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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