Fox News' Neil Cavuto Considers Attacking Syria A Harbinger Of The Second Coming of Christ

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto speculated Monday as to whether attacking Syria is a harbinger of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, according to Raw Story.

“This Syria stuff is way old,” Cavuto said. “I mean Old Testament old. That’s how old I’m talking about. Don’t laugh. Some biblical scholars say it’s all there in black and white.”

Prophecies in the canonical gospels predict that Jesus will return to earth to face the incarnation of the Antichrist, in an event that will bring about the end of humankind.

During the segment-long discussion on “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” the host spoke with Joel Rosenburg, the author of the Last Jihad series, which relates terrorism to Bible prophecy.

“These are prophecies more than 2,700 years old, some of them, but they have not actually been fulfilled,” Rosenberg explained. “But this prophecy, as you just pointed out, talks about the complete and utter destruction of Damascus. That’s an End Times or eschatological prophecy.”

“It’s a very sobering thought to think that a judgment of a city or a country could happen in which an entire city could be wiped out, but that is, in fact, what the Bible is predicting,” he coninued. “I think it’s wrong for people who teach Bible prophecies to guess — I mean, in a sense try to say for certain it’s going to happen now.”

“But you have 7 million Syrians that are already on the run, 2 million have left the country, 5 million are internally displaced. That Jeremiah 49 prophecy says that people will flee, but there will still be people in Damascus when the prophecy happens. So, the bottom line is that we don’t know if these two prophecies — Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49 — will happen in our lifetime or soon, but they could because they haven’t happened yet,” he said.

“Amazing,” Cavuto responded.

There was no speculation during the segment as to who the Antichrist figure is on the political stage. It's definitely not Tony Abbott, the newly elected Prime Minister of Australia. Cavuto wrote a piece Monday in which he held up Abbott as a blueprint for how conservatives in American should behave.

He said the Abbott won the popular vote because he was not afraid of what the media said about him.

“Maybe it was because Tony Abbot [sic] said impolitic things like dare questioning man-made global warming, and the expensive cap-and-trade emissions tax scheme that the Australian government had thrust on businesses to fix it,” Cavuto wrote. “Maybe it was because Tony, a former Catholic seminarian, dared to speak out against abortion. And then seemed to double-down, when he similarly challenged same-sex marriages.”

In summation, he told conservatives, “Maybe the secret to your success lies not in finding what's safe. Maybe the secret to your success lies in simply finding your soul.”

Sources: Raw Story, Fox News


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