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Fox News Host: Gay Marriage Means Christianity Will Be Criminalized (Video)

Fox News radio host and TV commentator Todd Starnes spoke at the First Baptist Church of Texarkana in Texas on Sunday where he warned churchgoers how their Christian faith was under attack.

Starnes began his speech by suggesting a link between some recent flooding in Washington D.C. and the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage last Friday, noted (video below).

Later in his speech (video below), Starnes warned his audience:

And brothers and sisters, I am here to tell you that as of Friday, we are on the verge of having our faith criminalized. [Pastor] Rick Warren told me that this will be the civil rights issue of our generation.

Starnes later added:

The Supreme Court's decision now means that gay rights trump religious liberty. And churches and faith-based organizations should prepare for lawsuits and government investigations. And pastors who refuse to perform gay marriages and actually preach the Word of God should prepare for hate crime charges. All dissent will be silenced by the government and by the activists.

However, USA TODAY noted, "The Supreme Court's ruling has no direct effect on churches or synagogues, which are free to follow the rules of their own faith on marriage. Its ruling affects only civil marriages."

Sources:, USA TODAY
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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