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Ex-School Principal May File Lawsuit After Being Fired, Accused Of Giving Prayer Books To Staff (Video)

The DeKalb Community Unit School District 428 board in Illinois voted 5 to 2 on June 15 to fire Shahran Spears, the principal of Gwendolyn Brooks Elementary School.

The school board meeting included verbal altercations inside the district's education center and outside (video below).

A June 2 notice from school board to Spears claimed she had used a school procurement card to buy religious books, which she allegedly gave out to employees during Staff Appreciation Week in May.

The board also claimed Spears used a song with religious references during a meeting attended by students and teachers in November 2014.

The board claimed teachers said Spears’ administration was “characterized by intimidation, favoritism, retaliation and an overall lack of support,” but the board didn't mention any evidence to back up those claims.

Several parents spoke for and against Spears at the meeting.

Spears’ lawyer Rene Hernandez says he has filed a Title VII complaint with the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, noted the Daily Chronicle.

“We are exploring our options. We might expedite the right to sue and process that in federal court. We want to make sure we file all the appropriate claims against the school district," Hernandez added.

Superintendent Douglas Moeller countered by stating, “Our legal counsel is very good.”

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Image Credit: Daily Chronicle Screenshot


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