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College Student Claims Professor Threatened To Fail Her For Using Bible Verses

A college student at the University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County in Baraboo, Wisconsin, is claiming that one of her teachers threatened to give her a failing grade for an assignment about the causes of arson unless she took some Bible verses out of her group project.

The student, Rachel Langeberg, is represented by the The Liberty Counsel, a conservative Christian law firm, which said in a press release:

Professor [Annette] Kuhlman wrote Langeberg, "…the University of Wisconsin is a secular institution. Religious contemplations and the bible [sic] belong to a different realm and not academic sources. So your argumentation along Christian lines, including the slides you designed in relation to it, are [sic] inappropriate for this presentation. I will not allow you to present unless you change this. You will also fail your presentation if your [sic] discuss religion in connection with it."

Because it was a group assignment, Langeberg claims she took out the Christian references to protect her classmates.

Langeberg also claims she met with Kuhlman about the issue, was not able to resolve the situation, so she (Langeberg) contacted the Liberty Counsel, which sent a letter to the college.

Dr. Tracy White, a dean at the University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County, issued a statement to TheBlaze:

We have reviewed the matter, and we appreciate the dialogue that has involved the student, her family and the professor. We are not in a position to discuss the matter further, out of our need to respect the student’s privacy, in accordance with federal law. Our campus and classrooms are and always have been inclusive places that respect diverse backgrounds, viewpoints and the need to maintain the highest academic standards.

Sources: Liberty Counsel, TheBlaze
Image Credit: Naval History & Heritage Command


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