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Christian Woman Slams Christians For Not Opposing Gay Marriage (Video)

A self-identified Christian woman from the Midwest made an emotional video (below) slamming other Christians, Muslims and U.S. Supreme Court justices for the landmark decision that legalized same-sex marriage last Friday. identifies the woman as Becky Wegner Rommel and reports that she posted the video on Facebook last Friday, however, Rommel's Facebook page has since been removed. reports that Rommel is from Michigan, while notes she is from Indiana.

Rommel begins the video by saying how it has been a "really sad day" for her because "five justices decided that God was wrong!"

Later in the video, she states:

And God says that marriage is between a man and a woman. I don't care if you think I'm judging you! The fact is, the God of the universe, He is the truth! Jesus Christ, not Muhammad! Okay? It's just like these Islamic extremists, extremists, okay? They're not just extremists, they're Islamic! President Obama, Islamic extremists!

I am so sick of people being lukewarm! Are you serious? All these people saying they're Christians on the Facebook going, "Yay! I'm so proud of those justices!" Are you a Christian? Oh my gosh! Do you read the same Bible I read?

Rommel gives an anti-abortion speech, and breaks down in tears while claiming people are spitting at God who died for their sins.

She tells people to convert to Christianity, scolds Christians for not taking a stand and prays to God for forgiveness for the country.

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Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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