Christian Radio Host Calls Reporter Arrested in Ferguson a 'Punk' (Audio)


Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery and Ryan Reilly of The Huffington Post were arrested last week at a McDonald's in Ferguson, Mo., where they were using the restaurant's Internet connection to file their stories.

Suddenly, a police officer dressed in military fatigues entered the McDonald's and ordered everyone out.

Lowery filmed the officer as he gathered his equipment and later posted the video (below) on Post TV.

In the video, the police officer tells Lowery that he not allowed to film him or ask questions. The cop originally gives Lowery 45 seconds to get out, but then comes after him only seconds later.

According to, Lowery said the cop slammed him against a soda machine.

However, on her Friday American Family Association radio show, Christian host Sandy Rios rewrote history and claimed that Lowery was acting like a “punk of a reporter” who was “causing trouble, trying to make the officer mad,” notes

Rios went on to attack both Lowery and Reilly for exercising their First Amendment rights: “These are the men, these are the young men of our country, these are the guys who are going to defend the next generation, these are the future fathers of America’s children. That’s pretty scary, isn’t it?”

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