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Christian Ministry Sending Radios To India To Convert People Dying From Heat Wave

A Christian ministry is raising money to send radios to India, which has been struck with a deadly heat wave over the past couple of months.

CNN reported on June 2 that 2,330 people had died from the heat wave that has reached 118 degrees Fahrenheit at times.

The Tide global radio ministry claims its radios will help the (mostly Hindu) victims of the heat wave convert to Christianity via evangelical programs, noted the Friendly Atheist.

Don Shenk, director of The Tide ministry, told OneNewsNow:

"There's no way for them to get away from it, especially the elderly and very young. It's deadly for them. And so the heartbreaking part of it is that physically, we'd like to be able to somehow alleviate that, but there's nothing we really can do. But our people are out there trying to encourage people as much as possible and get them to place their hope in Jesus.

"We're working with (local pastors and church planters) to develop a program that they'll be able to use to reach out and sort of to be that first advance into people's lives to let them hear the good news on the radio."

The Tide website asks for donations $40 and states: "There are many people in India who may not be hearing the Gospel message because they don’t have radios."

Sources: OneNewsNow, TheTide, CNN, Friendly Atheist
Image Credit: TheTide Product Image


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